The Sustainability Partnership of Cincinnati

The goal of The Sustainability Partnership of Cincinnati founded by Green Streets is to help our clients understand and navigate through what green and sustainable construction really mean and what they can do for you in your home, in your business, and in your community.

We have partnered with a myriad of locally owned and vested service providers that are focused with us on the environmental sustainability forefront. It is in a phrase, “a one stop shop for green build”. Be it Solar, Geo Thermal, Green Roof, Living Walls, Storm Water Mitigation, Property Acquisition, Land Use, LEED Design and Architecture and the list continues to grow.

We work by a base three step model of “Consult, Design, and Construct.” Simple and effective with unparalleled communication between client and provider.   It is a process we undertake each and every day in search of what is right for our clients, and are taking steps to improve and mitigate their impact on our planet.

Looking to join the Partnership?

Please use the links below to learn more about T.S.P.C. and to contact us directly.

If you or your organization would like to become a member or support The Sustainability Partnership of Cincinnati with services or other resources, please contact us by telephone (513) 257 5256 or by sending an email to

Green construction and renovation

GreenBau is your full service green construction and renovation partner. We provide an all-inclusive service including testing, design, and construction. Making your home a greener place is a commitment – to yourself, your family, your community and the world. GreenBau can help you.

GreenBau is your full service green construction and renovation partner. As experienced designers and builders, we can provide an all-inclusive service from idea stage to design to construction to final testing. We work on all types of projects, both residential and commercial, but have a special focus on sustainably renovating historic buildings. Making your home or business a greener place is a commitment – to yourself, your family, your community and the world. GreenBau can help you.

Because we can handle both the design and construction aspects of your project, you can be assured that the project team is on the same page. We can effectively evaluate options for effectiveness, aesthetics, and cost throughout the project. By having the whole team on board, we can provide the best solutions for your project.

It’s getting easier to go green when you build a new home. But for existing homeowners, whether your house is 5 years or 105 years old, it can be a little trickier. There are many “exciting” ways to green a house, from a vegetated roof to solar panels to geothermal systems. Just as important are the “boring” ways, such as better insulation, properly sized efficient heating and cooling systems, and low flow water fixtures. The key is developing a plan that is unique to your home, priorities, and budget. Our experienced team of architects and contractors will work with you to incorporate the latest technology and practices in a creative way.

Sustainability Partnership of Cincinnati

No matter what road you’re on The Sustainability Partnership of Cincinnati is here to help. We are your one stop shop for sustainable design and construction. Be it Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Government or Municipal, we can help. TSPC is a consortium of locally owned, community invested companies with a primary focus on Sustainability. We design, we inspire, we build for the future.

Sustainable Design Services and Consulting:

Patterned Concrete that is Exciting, Innovative, Beautiful.

Since 1994, Patterned Concrete has installed decorative/architectural concrete for municipal, state and federal projects, theme parks, shopping centers, residential projects and more.

As a tool to help mitigate storm water, pervious concrete combined with infiltration can be a huge asset to any community or project. By allowing rain water to sift through the concrete surface a client has greater control of that water and can keep it out of storm sewers altogether.

Our Services Include:

  • Stamped Concrete
  • Stained Concrete
  • Concrete Counter-tops
  • Overlays
  • Previous Concrete

How Concrete is environmentally friendly?

  • Light color reduces heat island effect
  • Absorbs carbon dioxide through carbonation, reducing it’s carbon footprint
  • Very durable & recyclable
  • Makes buildings more energy efficient by helping maintain temperatures
  • Can include recycled industrial byproducts like Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCMs) which reduces carbon footprint and materials being sent to landfills

Eco-friendly building products

Greener Stock is a one-of-a-kind Resource and Design Center in Cincinnati specializing in natural, non-toxic, and eco-friendly building products for the home and business including wall finishes, flooring, countertops, and high-efficiency lighting. Many of our products cannot be found anywhere else locally.

We offer a range of services including architectural design, LEED/green consultation, salvaged materials sourcing, and more .

So, whether your interest is in saving the Earth, saving money, or creating a healthy interior environment, our staff can help you reach your goal.

Come visit us to learn how beautiful and easy it is to be green.

Green sustainable landscapes

Green Sustainable Landscapes

Tepe Environmental Services is focused on green sustainability and has been for the last 30 years. While many companies talk about “Going Green”, Tepe Services practices water conservation, installs beautiful sustainable landscapes and creates beautiful “green” spaces every day!

Our comprehensive team efforts result in landscapes that are attractive, save water, and are easy to maintain. Call our team today to discuss the installation of landscape services, sprinkler systems and energy saving landscape lighting today.

Our services

  • Green Landscapes
  • Bio-swale installations
  • Rain Gardens
  • Drip Watering Systems

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