What is Parjana?

Green Streets is proud to advocate on behalf of Parjana. A truly unique, and awe inspiring Sustainable  Infiltration innovation, there is simply nothing on the market like it. Parjana takes infiltration in a vertical fashion tubes called EGRP or Energy Passive Groundwater Recharge Product. This patented product allows subgrade lines to handle water issues, runoff, post treatment water, flood zones, to be handled at the source. Parjana is cost effective, environmentally safe, and installs with minimal disruption.

Subgrade Installation

Parjana does what is needed in so many area’s in addition to handling our problems at the surface level. The ones we call about, the ones that we can see, it also helps with what we can’t see, subgrade.  While stabilizing soil moisture, reduce hydrostatic pressure in sub structures, Parjana also rebalances hydrologic cycles, and recharges the groundwater table.

Installation requires a Compression  Auger to drill to the desired depth a slightly large diameter then the EGRP itself. Once placed in the hole, natives soils are packed in over the top. This subgrade designs also allows vegetation and soils to naturally clean the surface water before making its way down. Once acclimated the EGRP system actually joins separate soil layers and promotes connectivity across the soil matrix. Promoting surface infiltration Parjana also increases the volume and speed in which water can be infiltrated. Safely, Cleanly, and Affectively Parjana is not even visible at the surface level allowing continued safe use for your site.

The Parjana Process

Send us the challenge, and let Parjana design the system, and present the solution. We also try to use local contractors in your community whenever possible to not only keep costs low, but to invest in the community we serve. Be it a flood zone, detention zone, soggy grounds, lands that cannot be developed, parks and grounds that suffer loss due to rain and or storm water runoff, or in some cases the ability to infiltrate post treatment waste waters in higher volume situations, Parjana may be the fit for your site.

  • Trigger Points / What is the need and when does it hit?
  • GIS / Topographical and or site drawings.
  • Rainfall History or Issue History for the site.
  • All Municipal and or Utility Drawings available.