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Green Streets offers Global Sustainable Consultation, Design, and Construction and Materials Specification and Provision. While we have a focus on water conservation and stormwater mitigation we also can accomodate any projects needs in Sustainable Materials, and Service. Via our unique partnership as the Founding Members of The Sustainability Partnership of Cincinnati we are able to mold to any project whether be it is still on a bar napkin, to stepping in and bringing the vision to fruition. No matter what you need, or don’t need, we can adapt to your situation anywhere along the project timeline.

Allow our Green Streets and our partners to provide LEED Architectural Design, LEED Rating, Energy Modeling, LEED Certifications, Environmental Development Law, Full Residential and Commercial Construction,  Sustainable Construction Materials, Solar Design & Installation, Smart HVAC & Geo Thermal Design and Installation, Vegetative Roof Design and Installation, Storm Water Mitigation Development Design and Installation , Storm Water Capture Filtration and Reuse Systems Design and Installation, Hybrid Water Reuse Systems, Commercial Waste Water Design and Installation. Landscape Design and installation,  Irrigation Design and Installation, Brownfield Remediation Consultation and Design, Charre Soil Remediation Program Design and Consultation.

There is really nothing on the market today we do not deal with, or cannot source. Challenge us today, because we truly live for challenges.

Commercial Waste Water Management

When the bottom line is cost effective Commercial Level, Waste Water Management and Decentralized Treatment Options, Green Streets can help. Defined differently by different states and industry types “Commercial” can often be defined at 1000 gallons a day or greater. And of course with Green Streets, all levels of our systems focus on Sustainability, Water Conservation, Water Recycling, all with the lowest Energy consumption as possible.

Scalability on Demand

Continued Scalability to expand and even contract as needed our ability to reduce capacity is ideal for seasonal facilities. While we can add tanks to increase capacity, sites that may ramp up for a busy tourist or production season, and then slow for the off season may benefit by our unique ability to decrease capacity as needed. This saves energy, costs and maximizes only what you need need, when you need it.

Income Verticals and Unique Challenges

In this day and age it is as much about what you save, as what you make. At every turn income verticals, cost structures  and operations must be viewed as opportunity waiting to happen. Our labs also look for any and every opportunity to pull “product” from your wastestream to help offset your costs. By creating additional revenue streams you are not only offsetting costs, you can reduce your waste simultaneously. Will work with you to explore your entire waste cycle to find each and every opportunity for you to reduce and earn. Our labs also love a challenge. If you have a unique effluence concern, we can design the bespoke solution for your needs. So contact us today and let some of the brightest minds in the industry take on your challenge for you.

  • Utility Creation / Residential Development / Streets / Sub Divisions up to 800 people /
  • Hotels / Resorts / Amusement Parks
  • Restaurants / with Grease Separators
  • Warehouse / Shipping Facilities / Commercial Parks
  • Universities / Campus / Facilities
  • Stadiums / Ballparks
  • Airports
  • Factories / Water Intensive Industries
  • Agricultural / Live Stock including Cattle, Pig, and Chicken holding, prep, and
  • Meat Processing / Food Production Facilities
  • Fracking / Oil / Gas Facilities
  • Mobile Site Treatment Plants

Coupling Decentralized Treatment Options with filtration and reuse, and or infiltration reduces your effluence outflow to Municipal which will also reduce your bottom line. As some companies have grown to accept costly fines and overages being charged by local municipalities monthly totalling millions annually as “just the cost of doing business” the Return on Investment is exponential. We have done studies that have R.O.I.’s coming in under two years. What will your company gain by reducing and or eliminating those fee’s?

-Residential Waste Water Management-

Decentralized wastewater management is the future for more than just our rural communities, and Green Streets provides the best performers in the market.  Allow us to show you how to safely treat, and use your treated water for safe subgrade irrigation, and infiltration. Offering a truly compact  yet scalable system with minimal required space do the task at hand. With only two chambers, without separate final sedimentation, our system takes up about a parking space,  and is even strong enough to be placed under one. Rated for vehicular traffic levels our system can handle 2.2 metric tons per axle. And our systems are also extremely quiet due to the integrated technical capsule that placement close to home is an easy choice. And if you are in need of replacing a failed or dated system, we have the perfect solution. Be it a failed Leach Field or Mound septic system, our systems easily slide right on in without even the need for a Leach Field.

With the integrated equipment prehung, and tested at the factory, assembly for any experienced installer is often completed in a single day. From start to finish our goal is a hassle free experience, with speedy installs that save money, and time for all involved. Easily installed in heavy clays, and high ground water tables up to 3 feet and with a plug-proof and patented compressed air lifter, automatic backflush sludge loss prevention, you can be assured of consistent and reliable operation.

Added features include,  logbook,  holiday mode, integrated sample bottle, no separate sampling chamber necessary, economical and sustainable not just with water reuse, but with low energy consumption as well because of efficient utilization of compressed air, and adapted aeration.

Turn key is what this is, call us today and let us do the rest.

*Please note the single family residential systems have full European Union Approvals however are not NSF Approved. Please check with your local health officials whether EU approvals are acceptable in your community.  If not do not hesitate to ask whether you can have the first test system and we will cover the lab tests required. We are also happy to speak with your local officials if need be on your behalf.


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Rainwater Catchment Systems

Rainwater Catchment Systems - DomesticGreen Streets is very excited to provide the best rainwater catchment systems on the market today. We offers a full line of Rainwater Harvesting Systems & Sewage Treatment Systems backed by a 25 year manufacturers guarantee. We source only the best in Rainwater harvesting systems. Scalable up to any size and need, Green Streets has everything you need. Be it tanks, pumps, filtration, and air gap approved refill stations.

With Green Streets you will get turn key design, proven durability, and a global track record. We truly make it easy with many versatile choices to fit almost any site challenges, and or goals. From pumps, and spigots, to full irrigation systems, our systems are designed from the start for practical, purposeful water conservation and reuse. And with a complete packages for rainwater harvesting from one of the largest suppliers in Europe, and around the world you are assured quality and intuitive design. Our long-lasting and long life warrantied underground tanks of PE plastic, lightweight construction, and simple installation, will have you assured you have found not only what you are looking for, but the best management practices in the industry.

The majority of our systems are produced exclusively in Germany and they intensely address the improvement of existing product lines year, after year.  As well as the development of new product lines to meet ever demanding needs of our changing world.  We use the market leaders in supply as we demand the quality and innovation in system solutions you can rely on. In the decentralized water tech field our suppliers offer products for rainwater use distributed via the specialized trade, and retail trade in Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Greece, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Austria, Romania, Switzerland, Slovenia, Spain and Hungary, across Asia, and now The United States as well.

Installed by our professionals often in a single day, these Rainwater Catchment Systems can handle so many needs. Some of which you may have not even thought possible. Such as flushing toilets, irrigating lawns, and gardens, washing cars, equipment, and in commercial applications running machinery, cooling towers and chillers, and even cleaning. We can even take rainwater treatment to potable standards, or further. Tell us what water intensive need you have and start capturing and filter to your specifications today. Because at Green Streets, what you require, we deliver.

Call us today and find out how.

Green Streets 513-257-5256

Welcome to “The Living Container Group”

  • Storm Resistant Sustainable

  • Shipping Container Homes & Building Units

  • By Design for Storm Prone, Island, and

  • Coastal Living

Green Streets is proud to extend our design and consultation services to the Recycling & Refurbishment of Shipping Containers as Building Blocks.  The Living Container Group is the culmination of our years of Sustainably minded Construction and Living Solutions for each and every client we serve. Our mission is to create sustainable grid tied and independent options for almost any client need, and in any Environment.

Storm Resistant Housing & Commercial Units that are Safe, Strong, and Secure

As one of the most strongest “boxes” ever conceived, Shipping Containers traverse the world in the harshest weather known to man. Strapped to Shipping Lines the world over, these units were born to ride out a storm to carry their goods to port. Corrosion resistant by design from Rain and Salt Spray, durable beyond household construction, and close to impervious from wind blown debris, these are truly the quintessential  Adult Lego, and perfect for Coastal and Storm Prone regions.  We have examples of container homes weathering Category 5 Hurricanes and Cyclones.

Shipping containers can also be moved in relatively short order, so if you need to relocate, these can be picked up and trucked in land to avoid storm surge if need be. And with the right design you may even be able to pull your vehicle inside out of harms way.

A Shipping Containers Advantage…Versatility Abounds

You can have us design a single family unit, a mountain retreat, a store front for your next idea, or an entire compound, the choice is yours. With almost infinite layouts, and few site constraints space is gained on the exteriors with the additions of decks, awnings, and breeze ways. Glad in a myriad of options and most may not even recognize what the solid core of your home, studio, or office is truly made of.

Hybrid Solar Options for your Container Home or Business

Depending on the layout and size of your compound or container a solar solution is just a call away. We can place up to 12 panels on a 40ft shipping container to accommodate most household needs. And with a Hybrid Solar Battery Back Up system you can be grid tied  and sell to the grid speeding up you R.O.I., or after a storm be the only one with power for miles.  kick in the battery back up and assure you and your family have power and are safe during the challenges of clean up and recovery.

Take advantage of our “Quick Release Solar Programs” and you can “Stow and Go” by quickly disconnecting and placing your panels safely inside your container so they are assured a safe return for when you need them.

Viable for residential living,  commercial or even industrial applications the versatility is unparalleled in modern construction today. Adding solar systems, rain water capture systems, and even waste water management systems. Allow our designers to create a sustainable solution for you.

Waste Water & Rainwater Capture

Depending on your local health and code departments Green Streets and The Living Container Group can pull together Waste Water Systems as well as Rain Water Capture Systems in direct line of your Container Home Dreams.

Waste Water – Be them composting systems or Sequence Batch Reactors our Systems not only handle your waste water, they can safely infiltrate the treated water back to where mother nature intended sub grade, or even be used in a holding system for irrigation.

Rainwater Cisterns – The modern version of a classic stand by, allow your own gutters and mother nature replenish your water needs. Filtration and Catchment can meet almost any need to supplement your water needs on site.

A Working Solution for Rapid Storm Recovery Housing

The Living Container Group is presently working on creating specific Low Cost, High End Option for the Storm Torn Regions Coastal Regions hit hard by the 2017 Hurricane Season that will still have solar. Holding fast and true to our independent grid aspects, these are layouts for small family units, worker relief housing, and any other challenge you can throw at us. Designed to stand up to the increasing ferocity of our “New” Storm model, because the storms are changing, and we need to as well. While these are meant to assist in recovery efforts as they will still be the solid stand alone we pride ourselves on and as such viable homes for years to come.

Green Roofs for Energy Savings and Storm Water Mitigation

Green roofs equal energy savings

Green roofs are exactly what they sound like, plants on your roof. There are two basic types, Extensive and intensive, the definition is dictated by soil depth. Below four inches is Extensive and above four inches is intensive.

Vegetated roofs also lengthen the life span of a roof two to three times, an obvious cost savings. Let alone that’s less petroleum products used to make rubber roofs saving even more energy and resources. By being covered the roof no longer contributes to heat island affect.

Heat Island

Heat Island is where higher temperatures are recorded in urban areas as a result of darkly covered heat soaked roofs pouring heat off them all day and even into the night. The many roofs of this nature in a concentrated area actually increases air temperatures adding insult to injury during hot summer months and increasing utility costs as people combat the excessive heat. Let alone during dangerous heat emergencies when temperatures have been noted to exceed 100 degrees many elderly and young are at greater risk from heat stroke and other conditions that needlessly take lives every year. If more green spaces were added, on the ground as well as on the roof tops, the temperatures over all again could be reduced.

Recent Green Roof Projects

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Storm water mitigation

Green roofs mitigate storm water; studies have shown a four depth green roof can hold back up to 60 to 70 percent of a one inch rain which can lower your storm and sewer bills. This in turns means thousands of gallons not entering storm sewers.

Co2 / Global Warming / Habitats

Now whether you believe in Global Warming or not, it is not a debate we have time to have today. Let alone its causes, human, planetary cycle and so on. The many merits already explained should be sufficient to understand the benefits of a green roof. If you’re riding the fence on Global warming or need a trusted source let me share with you what National Geographic states.

Industrialization, deforestation, and pollution have greatly increased atmospheric concentrations of water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide, all greenhouse gases that help trap heat near Earth’s surface. Humans are pouring carbon dioxide into the atmosphere much faster than plants, forest, and the ocean can absorb.

It’s the base symbiotic relationship we have with our plants and forest, we provide CO2 by our very breath, in turn they provide oxygen. By providing more plants, you inherently reduce CO2. The more plants, the better reductions of CO2 waste.

Also there are federal guidelines about quantities of CO2 corporations via factories and manufacturing are allowed to emit, it is a reasonable assumption that potential credits to use or sell are not too far off in the future. All of these reasons are worthy enough taken individually but combined it becomes apparent that the merit and impact are there in positive waves.

Green Roofs are also natural habitats for indigenous species. One of the largest Green Roofs in North America is at an auto plant in Michigan. Still growing strong years after its initial planting one of the fun aspects for staff is watching each spring for new hatchlings from the many birds’ nests that have been built upon space that once was a barren black top roof. LEED Points are also available for habitat creation.

Barrier to the radiant heat

Living walls are exactly that, a live vegetated vertical surface. On exterior placements they provide a barrier to the radiant heat of the sun in the summers and can improve any surface and area with a beautiful environment. Keeping buildings cooler in the summer can reduce energy costs and reduce exterior temperatures helping mitigate heat island affect in urban areas. They are created by using pre-vegetated blocks and or wire trellises and are extremely versatile accommodating any situation inside, or out.

Living Walls can be free standing or attached to solid walls, and can even cover larger “gap” openings such as a multistory parking garage. Living Walls can create beautiful amenities and environments indoors as well. Placed in any area they can transform any sized room into an oasis. Common areas such as hotel lobbies and corporate offices are ideal placements to not only improve the health of a building but demonstrate a corporation’s commitment to the environment and sustainable practices.

At Green Streets we strive to provide the latest products and techniques in living also known as Vegetative Walls. Our designers can provide incredible solutions to any challenge by giving you’re the best products on the market today. Call us and get started on your project today!

Eco-Planters with functionality

No matter what the application Green Streets has the most beautiful planters on the market today. Be it for your home, factory, or business Eco-Planters are a solution that will stand the test of time in style and durability. First impressions truly count, and to help you make the best for your home or business – call us today.

Our vast collections of planters are all eco-friendly and suitable for indoor or outdoor use. We offer Eco-Fiberglass containers that can be customized with any color, aluminum modern planters and amazing stainless steel planters for residential and commercial applications. Our planter collection is the ideal synthesis of aesthetics, easy-care and functionality.

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