Green Streets Environmental

Started initially as a Sustainable Storm Water Mitigation Company, Green Streets Environmental Services has continued to add expertise and services via its founding of The Sustainability Partnership of Cincinnati year after year. We are happy to provide you a one stop shop in a Design / Build model. Be it our core line of Sustainably positioned Storm Water and Waste Water Systems, to full LEED Project Management, we are here, for you.

What Green, and Sustainable Construction?

Our primary mission is to help our clients not only understand, but navigate through what green, and sustainable construction really means. In turn what embracing such can directly translate to in your home, your business, and in your community. Be it the Triple Bottom Line for your Corporation, or appeasing Clean Water Guidelines for Municipalities under Federal Consent Decree we can help. Even on residential LEED projects, few individuals would realize that water aspects such as conservation, storm water capture, and infiltration amongst a host of other options can garnish up almost an entire level of LEED. So Gold can go Platinum at some of the most affordable price points of an entire project.